How do I insert a controller point at the start of a MIDI note?

Hi guys, is it possible to set a controller point at the start of a note without having to use the pencil tool? The pencil tool is only as accurate as my hand (which is not very accurate).

It’d be nice if I could insert a point at the very start of a note so that I can set the vibrato on it, for example, or if a note needs a very specific CC value to trigger a hard/soft attack.


Can set the Snap Type to “Events”?

[if I have understood what you need…]

-write with pencil the controller point you need everywhere random

-make sure the “point” is selected

-press CTRL+X

-select the midi note you wanna apply the controller point on

-press L

-press CTRL+V

if it’s what you need and I was correct you can create a macro or a PLE, or can edit using “numbers” also

EDITED: i obviously meant “press L” not “CTRL+L”