How do I insert a new flow into the MIDDLE of a document?

This is probably very simple. I have a document with 10 flows. I wish to INSERT a new flow BETWEEN Flow 7 and Flow 8 so that everything else moves on. So flow 8 would become 9, 9 becomes 10, etc. Thank you.

In the Flows panel (at the bottom) in Setup mode, add a new flow (click the " + " button, and then drag it to where you want it. You will probably have to rename the flows.

Thanks Steven. That was so easy it never occurred to me! I tried searching the manual but found no results; same with Google. But this has sorted it! Nick

Glad I could help, Nick.

This can also be done in the info window (left panel is the flow list, they can be created, renamed, deleted… Often better than the bottom panel in Setup mode)

Have a look at the short video at this link:

Good question - there seemingly wasn’t a set of steps for this specifically in the manual until the iPad version. There’ll be a desktop-equivalent for the next release, and I’ll make sure some keywords relating to your phrasing about inserting flows between existing ones is there as well.

Thanks everyone!