How do I install a patch script file

I have a Yamaha MOXF but for some reason Cubase doesn’t have an MOXF MIDI Device file to import. So I used the MOX which is close to the MOFX but does not have all the patches. So I exported the proper patch script from my MOFX Tools Librarian. This is a .txt file. How do I get this into the MOX MIDI device that I’ve imported into Cubase?

I explored the MIDI Devices setup but it looks for an XML file when trying to import a setup.

Anyone know how to do this? Thanks!

note: don’t confuse MOXF with MOX - they are different instruments :>)

I did this just a month or two ago, for my Yamaha Motif (which is also not on “the list”).

Away from DAW, but what I did was just put it in each of the folders that have other patchscript files, one at a time, until I could access my Motif banks from the MIDI track I/O dialog.

I do remember, the folder that ultimately worked had a name like “Old” or “Unsupported” or “Legacy”, some kind of what-am-I-chopped-liver? kind of name.

If no-one comes along with something more specific, and if that doesn’t work for you, post back and I’ll check it out in my DAW.

EDIT: dug up an old post of mine for how to get it into C6.5 … worth trying this one first maybe …


Copy your text file to the following:
Documents and Settings/Your Name/Application Data/Steinberg/Cubase /scripts/patch name/
Put the file in the “Inactive” folder.

Then use the “Install Device”
button of the MIDI device manager in cubase

Thanks Alexis! I found it in:
C:\Users\Steinberg\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 7.5_64\Scripts\Patchnames\inactive\yamaha

So “inactive” is your chopped liver. What is really cool is that the file that the Librarian creates includes all the user banks with all of my current user presets. This way whenever I create use presets I can just drop that exported script into the folder and it appears in Cubase. Sweet.

Hi guys, i’m looking for a MOX device file, because it doesn’t appear in my list . It’s possible to post it? Thank you if you can! :smiley:

If you install the vst editor it has all the patches for the mox, probably the moxf too.

If you find a patch file they need to be put in your steinberg folder, somewhere in there is a folder for scripts I believe, been a long time. You put it there then it shows up in the list in midi manager.

Thank you for the answer. I need a patch file (a simple text document i think), that should be put in that script folder. Without it, “midi device” list doesn’t show “mox” voice…I have already installed the vst editor. :unamused:

So the editor works and you can choose all your voices/arps there. You still want a patch file?

So, i have to open the editor every time, right?

I’ll put this in here for Mac users… I had to search for a while to figure out where to put the script file for it to show up in the Install Midi Device list. Won’t work by going the normal Users / Library route. The correct way to locate the right folder is:

Finder / Go

While Go is selected, press the Alt/Options key and Library will toggle/appear in the list. Choose it.

Locate Preferences / Cubase 7.5 / Scripts / Inactive

Copy your patch script here and it will show up in the available instruments list in Add Midi Device list.

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Yeah, as written above, for Windows users, the correct path is:
C:\Users\Steinberg\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 7.5_64\Scripts\Patchnames\inactive\yamaha

Here there are the .xml (or. txt) files for each keyboard. I have a lot of patch files (Motif, MO, PSR, CP ecc.) here but no one for MOX…i just need this .xml (or .txt) file. I think it should be something like “Yamaha MOX6MOX8.txt”

I think an XS patch script would work, I don’t think there are any differences.

Worth a try.

Checked! actually it works!! Thank you guys =D

Can anyone here help me with this patch script file for MOXF 8
I don’t have it

Thanks for watching.

The XS and XF Voice list is identical. USER data is usually not included with the script because it can change based on the library currently loaded. You can download the XS script here: >

From: … a great Motif-kind of site! If that link doesn’t have it, most likely it is only a click or two away on that site.


Thanks for your tip.
I downloaded the map with Cubase patch scripts.
It’s extensive 280 txt files.
My Cubase Pro 8 has 58.

The file you mentioned only shows the Voices of the MOXF.

Hi G - if that one isn’t the one you need, the people on that site are very helpful and should be able to help you find it.


I am still struggling with this - using Cubase Elements 9 and windows 10. The only place that I can find the scripts is within the Steinberg folder c:/programfiles/steinberg/cubase elements le9/scripts/patchnames/inactive where all the files are txt. My new patch file is for the roland XP30 so I copy it into the roland folder, go back to cubase, midi device manager and its not listed. The only import option seems to be import setup which is looking for an xml file. I have tried converting the file to xml but brings up an unsupported message (Libre office).

If I try the route described in other messages via users there are no steinberg folders so I guess the file structure has changed over the years.

the correct path is C:\Users\your username\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\your version of Cubase\Scripts\Patchnames\inactive\Roland as stated in above replies, but make sure you are showing hidden files when browsing for the file location. I just did this for my Roland XV-5050 after a Cubase reinstall, inserting the .txt-file, and it works.The AppData folder will not show unless you do this.

Strangely, in my case I cubase 8.5 was not under preferences. However, search for ‘Inactive’ found it somewhere. Thank you.

I am back again. I entered every single instrument into the Yamaha PSR-A3000.txt file. Most of the patches work on my PSR-A3000, except few of them. For example: S.Art! Vibes&JazzGuitar in Percussion Voice category, does NOT get mapped to the PSR keyboards correctly. The cubase track is unable to trigger S.Art! Vibes&JazzGuitar on my PSR-3000 although all the setting are correct based on the DATA List Document published by Yamaha for the keyboard.

Also none of the voices in the Oriental voice category work. There are two scenarios:

  1. Yamaha Developers has not published full set of information for setting patches
  2. Data List contains erroneous settings.

Anyone can help please. Thank you in advance.

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