How do I install an update

Hey guys, spoke to tech support yesterday about installing an update version of cubase 6. He told me it can be done straight from the cubase website, & I dn’t need my installation discs at home,& give me two links to dwnload. One an image which my computer does not recognize & the other installation link for Cubase 6.5.0 Now dnt know if am doing something wrong, but could not install any of them.

Here are the links.


The first link is an iso-image of the original complete installation dvd of Version 6.5.0. You can burn it with any dvd burner software. On windows systems you can also install a virtual drive Software like winCDEmu to use it. You’ll find the download link further down on the second link. This version doesn’t need a existing cubase 6.0.x version.

The 6.5.0 Update (second link) needs an existing cubase 6.0.x version to be installed. So what is your current cubase version?