How do I install Dorico Elements 4?!

I have a trial version of Dorico Pro 4 running on my system. It says that it is expiring in 3 days. However I’ve purchased Dorico Elements 4 and there seems to be no way to change my install to the product I’ve actually purchased. Or if so it is not obvious!

When I click on Download Now from my original sales receipt from Steinberg Online Shop, I see the attached:

There’s no reason this needs to be this complicated!! Why is this not obvious? Seems like it should be simple. Purchase software, get a download link, install it, enter license key. Done. Nope…

In the Download assistant, under my Dorico Elements 4 product in “My Product Downloads” it shows “Dorico 4.2 Application Installer” as installed, but the Dorico Pro 4 trial is also still there. There seems to be no way to use Elements. When try to run Dorico it loads the Pro 4 trial by default telling me that it will stop working in 3 days. Even if I delete the downloaded files and redownload using the Elements 4 download access code from the purchase email, it still loads the pro 4 version when I launch the software, there is no Elements 4 shown in my Mac OS applications folder, only shows “Dorico 4”. THIS IS SO CONFUSING AND MAKES NO SENSE. Again, why is this a difficult task??!! Seriously guys, this should be simple, I should not need to ask for support for something like this!

There’s only one Dorico 4 application. It runs as whichever version is licensed on your computer (though you can force run a Pro license as Elements or SE, which can be helpful in a teaching environment if you want to know what features your students have access to).

Run Steinberg Activation Manager. Login with your Steinberg details. What licenses does it show?

Okay that is strange, I looked there before and it was not showing. Now it is. Weird. Okay, so I deactivated Pro and activated Elements. Sweet, all good! Thank you!

Sounds easy enough to me :slight_smile: