How do I keep my video player open when clicking outside of Nuendo?

I’m attempting to migrate from Digital Performer to Nuendo. I immediately ran into a workflow issue I’d love to resolve. How do keep my video window open and active yet still be able to click outside of Nuendo? For instance, I like to loop a portion of a video in my DAW while I search for and audition various sound effects using an explorer window or audio database. However, my video window closes every time I change focus out of Nuendo.

The only way I know of and the one that I use, is a hardware based video playback. I use Blackmagic intensity 4k, but you can use any supported Blackmagic card or AJA card. It is very cheap and extremely reliable. In fact, its only down side (for some), that it outputs only FHD or 4K TV standard over HDMI connection, so you’ll have to add another screen which will have to be a TV set, preferably some good OLED TV for superb playback experience.

That’s a much larger workaround than I want to pursue, but thank you for the info.
It’s surprising that the ability to float a video on top of all apps and keep it active doesn’t exist.

It’s not the window, it’s the fact that the app is not the active app. You’ll see the same behavior if you open a plugin user interface and move the focus to another app. That’s way using a dedicated hardware solves this behavior, as it doesn’t need to be the active app, in fact, it is always in the background even when Cubase/Nuendo is the active app.

Interesting. I haven’t experienced this behavior with other DAWS. Perhaps I’ll just learn to live with it and take it as a trade off for other benefits of using Nuendo.

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