How do I know if I'm running Elements or Pro?

I’ve been trying to run the Dorico Elements 3 trial to see if it will be sufficient for my simple piano needs. The Elements trial license is properly registered and activated on the eLicenser, but when I load up Dorico the splash screen still says Dorico Pro. I did use the Elements installer (it looks identical to the Pro installer), but how can I tell if this is reflecting the Elements feature set?

Easy: if Engrave mode is available, then it’s Pro

IIRC There is a way to open Dorico Pro as Elements by holding down a special key on the keyboard (is it ALT?)

If this is indeed an option on the demo, I think Dorico should make that more public so those who try the demo can sample both versions of the program.

Elements doesn’t just restrict Engrave mode, but also Engraving Options, Notation Options, and Playback Options.

Comprehensive list here:

You can also tell definitively whether you are running Dorico Elements or Dorico Pro by going to the Help menu (Windows) or the Dorico menu (Mac) and choosing About Dorico. You’ll see which version you’re running by the large logo at the top of the window.

In “About Dorico” it says Dorico Pro 3, but the eLicenser Control Center license says “Dorico Elements 3 Trial”. How do I install the Elements trial? The downloads on the website and in the Steinberg Download Assistant link to the same installer for both Pro and Elements.

Interesting! With ALT held down it does indeed launch as Elements. How odd.

The program for Pro and Elements is the same. The different licenses unlock the extra features in Pro.

I guess you have a time-limited “All Applications” license on your USB-eLicenser, and Dorico is currently running using that license rather than your Elements trial. There’s no way for Dorico to control which license it uses: it will always use the most capable license available, so if you have an “All Applications” license, that allows Dorico to run as the Pro version, until that time expires.