How do I know what I 'can' download from steinberg mgr

tl:dr - how do i know what i can download from the manager as it doesnt stop me downloading things i dont have licenses for.

Ive got myself in a mess, i had to swap outhard drives and in the process i itried to tidy up my VSTS etc. Of course I’ve lost stuff. I’ve managed to find most of it but i cant find groove agent for example. so i’ve resigned myself to reinstalling but i am faced with a list of stuff -most of which i cant have* I’ve looked on my account and all it says is cubase elements (*which is why i cant have most stuff lol).
How do i know what to pick? OR do i have to reinstall cubase? (with the suplemental how do i protect my projects!)

(info: elements 11, win10, 2x ssds 1boot with programmes, 1 with vsts, recordings etc)

When you select a product in the left pane of the Download Assistant the right pane shows you everything that is included with that product. If you select a different product the right pane will change to reflect its components. So only select products on the left which you’ve bought?

PS. for the time being Ignore the “My Products” tab in the Download Assistant, it’s only partially implemented right now.

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I love this forum I’ll come back :slight_smile:
thank you so much- i didnt realise it worked like that. i thought i’d have to pick from the list on the right.

i’ll set it off downloading then bed.
thank you again!