How do I license HALion One 32-bit?

Dear Anyone.
Just legit-downloaded Halion One 32-bit (disabled guy with older DAW, please forgive me!) from Steinberg and installed it. It’s telling me it can’t find Synchrosoft.DLL (THINK I’ve got the name of the .DLL right, I’m close, the message doesn’t stay displayed long because it crashes the DAW!) I’ve looked that up and that’s to do with e-Licenser, am I right?

I want to stay legal. It was a legit. free download, so where do I download this e-Licenser so I can use it? Do I have to buy the e-Licenser software, if so, how much and where? And finally - does Halion One come with any soundbanks (haven’t been able to start using it yet so of course I dunno, all I know is I downloaded it from Steinberg!) If not, where do I find soundbanks for it?

My chief interest in it is its multitimbrality, my software VASTLY prefers multitimbrality. And I’ve heard you can get lovely pad sounds for it (choirs, organ-y sounds, stuff like that.) Where do you buy 32-bit li braries for it?

Yours hopefully


HalionOne was bundled with Cubase 4 and Cubase 5. It requires a legitimate license for Cubase 4 or later to function.

HalionOne has since been replaced by Halion Sonic SE, which is 64 bit-only.

HalionOne originally included hundreds of sounds provided by Yamaha and Sonic Reality. All of that content has been “remastered” for Halion Sonic SE, and is exclusively available for users of Cubase and other Steinberg products such as the paid versions of Dorico.

The best way to access these sounds today is by purchasing the latest version of Cubase Pro, which includes all of the original HalionOne sounds as well as hundreds of new ones. It also includes several other plugins, such as Groove Agent SE, Retrologue and the highly popular Padshop.

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