How do i link 2 tracks into on channel in the mixer ?


How do i route or link 2 tracks into one channel in the mixer ?

Also, is there a way to disable a track from going into the mixer ?

Thanks in advance

Add a group channel track and assign the output routing of each track to the group.

Disable track?


You can create Group trac for another Group tracks, so you can create cascades, of course.

If you want to leave the track in the project, but you don’t want to listen it, you can Mute it. Or you can set No Bus as your output, of this track.

NO you can mute the track then hide the tracks you don’t want to see in the mixer

Do as the others have indicated.
I would just like to point out that you seem to view the mixer as some kind of separate add-on or plugin (I’ve seen a couple of others make this same mistake). The mixer is an integral part of the application as a whole, another aspect or POV of the Project window if you like. Trying to regard it as something separate will lead only to confusion and grief.

Thank you Scab, Martin, Filterfreak & BriHar… you guys are very helpful. and making my Cubase experience a great pleasure ! Thank you much & Happy Music Making ! :smiley:

In fact, YES you can disable tracks, by right-clicking on the track header in the project window and selecting ‘disable track’ from the pop-up menu. This also automatically removes the corresponding channel from the mixer.