How do I load a Project template?

I’ve looked online and in the Steinberg full manual on Project templates, but I cannot find anywhere that clearly shows how to load or even save a Project template (using Win 10). The template saving box doesn’t make sense to me, and when I try to load what I think is my Project template, I am always led to a Windows Explorer file path page that doesn’t even show the stored templates - that’s even if they are there. My template folder is empty. I always have to load my project from “recent files”, but then I have TWO songs on my screen - the default and the song I want to have as my template. Getting very tired of this hurdle.

Can anyone direct me to a clear video or description that shows how to load and save Project templates?

Look in the “More” section of the Steinberg project assistant (rightmost button). Your templates should be stored (listed) there.

To create a template you are basically saving a copy of a project that is set up as you like.

Here is how I do it…
Once I have a project (project 1) that I want to save as a template I will perform a “Backup Project” and save it with a different name (project 2). This creates a totally new seperate project with a copy of it’s own audio pool (not a shared copy with project 1). Then I open project 2 and make whatever changes I want to be saved as the final version of my new template. Usually this encompasses deleting all the audio files from the audio pool and all events, automation and stuff like that seen in the project window. Once I get it to what I want… I do a “Save as Template” function and name it (template 1). Now (template 1) will show up in the “More” section of the project assistant.

Then when I want to create a project using a template I go to “More”. Pick a template (template 1) and choose create project. Then, with the prompt for project location active, I create a new folder naming it the project name (project 3). Once that opens I hit save and save the project as (project 3).

Now you are working a project created from your saved template.

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Great post, very precise and detailed, thanks!

No matter what changes I make to my Cubase project and save as template, none of them are saved in the template when I reload it from the Hub under “Production”. Nothing I do makes any difference. Btw there are no project templates under “More”.
Are you working with an early version of Cubase? You never mentioned the template pop-up box.
Cubase has always been a disaster for file saving. I can’t find any autosave either, and always had trouble with it when Cubase had it.

I need a comprehensive account of what to do, maybe a video link.
(Win 10 cub. 9.5

You’ve probably done it already, but just to be sure - have you checked the other tabs besides “Production”?

As per my signature I am using CB Pro 9.5.21…

Cubase includes templates that are stored in the Recording, Scoring, Production, & Mastering category tabs. User defined templates are stored differently and are available in, and would be loaded from the “More” tab. This is explained in the op manual starting on page 87. Over the years I’ve made a lot of templates with no issues at all. And I do not have any issues with general file saving in Cubase. You must be doing something wrong, so the only way we can help is for you to detail your procedure.

Template pop-up box… not much to say here. Once I want to save a template created from a backed up project (so I do not alter the original project) I hit file>save as template… then enter my template name in the “New Preset” field.

Autosave… look in the file>preferences>general section to turn it on/off and for other options.

Sorry I don’t have a video link for you (maybe someone else can provide that) but… at least check out the op manual on page 87.

I agree that the process for saving templates in Cubase should be improved (even the instructions in the op manual need improvement). Hence my feature request from months ago. Apparently not many agree. Oh well… :wink:

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I had the same problem, so in case this helps anybody:
My saved project templates were showing up under the Recording heading when creating a new project. This was because my template began that way and had that attribute on it when I used the Save Template dialog box. So there are two attributes you can set when saving the template: Content Summary and Template Category, and you can only see them when you click on the Show Attribute Inspector button on the upper right of the Template Save dialog. So the template will appear within the category you choose.
Not sure if categories can be added in some way.
The templates themselves get saved in C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 10.5_64\Project Templates