How do I load and record drum kit in Cubasis LE 2.6?

I’m a total beginner. How do I load and record an “automatic” drum kit (i.e. that plays by itself so I do not have to play myself using the pads/keys)? When I hit record I hear nothing and nothing gets recorded. Although, I hear the individual items of the drum kit when I hit them and if I hit them while recording they do get recorded. But however I try I cannot load the “automatic” drum kit and record it, in the same manner as they seem to do in the various tutorials that I have watched on Youtube.
Do I need to buy the full version to get this to work? (I have the Cubasis LE 2.6 version that came with my UR22 mkII).

Hi hfr01,

Thanks for your message.

To have you supported, please provide us with more details about your use case.
What kind of drum kit do you plan to record with Cubasis (e.g. an external drum computer, external app etc.)

To check the feature differentiation between Cubasis and Cubasis LE up front, please have a look at our detailed Cubasis / Cubasis LE feature comparison chart.


Hi Lars, as you may have noted I gave up for a few months :frowning:

I don’t have any external resources but for what came with the software included when I bought the UR22mkII. I try to load what I call “automatic drum kit” (see my original posting) from the resources in the Cubasis LE 2.6 (or, using my Mac, in the Cubase AI 9.5 and it is the same thing there). I see a lot of different things in the Media Bay and can’t even really tell from the names in the result list what is just individual pieces of percussive sounds and what is “full automatic drum kits”? But anyway I can’t load them properly, when I try to drag them the project window the name appears in the drum track but the actual track is empty and there is no sound when you hit play.

Hi hfr01,

Please have a look at our available Cubasis LE tutorial, which demonstrate a short song production project:

How to Record a Song with Cubasis LE
Cubasis LE | Song Creation #2

And we have many more tutorials available right here:

Hope that helps to get you started!
Please let us know if they do…