How do I load preconfigured Multi out Vsti's?

I’m making a template for Addictive drums splitting off the drums to different tracks and busses. I know I can save this as a project template but I’m having a brain freeze as to how or if I can save the Vsti to load it into an existing project with all the output and busses preassigned.

I don’t think you can do it. Having multi-out VSTi and multi-buss mapped track presets are a long standing feature request. If I’m wrong, I’d sure like to hear it.

Bummer… I had a feeling



Did you tried the function “Track Preset” ?



Chris, if this is possible I’d sure like to know how. I know you can do a VSTi preset, or a MIDI preset or an audio preset. But, what he is talking about is getting the routings back for the VSTi and have it create the multi-channel output with the track names and colorings we saved in the preset. I didn’t think that was possible. Again, if I am wrong … that would be awesome.

Here is the simple use case …
*I load a drum VSTi
*In the VSTi rack I enable some of the additional Outputs for the Drum VSTi
*In the VSTi I pick a preset and route it to the Outputs (i.e. Kick to mono 1, snare to mono 2, Room to Stereo 1)
*I go to the Outputs in the Instruments folder and rename the tracks to match the VSTi preset routing
*Maybe I set some track colors
*I then set up the associated MIDI track(s) for that VSTi with MIDI channel(s) configured

I want to save a preset that brings back all of the above.

ja, we need something like “VSTi Rack presets” in the media bay, which contain:

  • the VSTi in the rack
  • its activated outputs
  • its MIDI tracks (track presets) routed to that VSTi in the rack
  • its Mixer Strips, incl. inserts/eq

ah, and having:

  • replacing a VSTi in the rack without losing MIDI tracks’ output connection to that VSTi rack slot
  • reordering VSTi rack slots, keeping output routings of connected MIDI tracks intact

would be fine :wink:

ah, and the integration of Mixer Strip presets into the Media Bay, with drag’n drop of all these various data types from/to the Media Bay would be cool, too,

as the datatype “plugin”, to drag not only VSTis to VST instrument tracks, but to drag fx VSTs from the MediaBay to inserts and drag fx/presets from inserts to the Media Bay etc…

make the VST preset browser TOGGABLE on key command. currently it only is opened / view switched, but not closed…

+1 for this!
Also, it would be great to be able to save “selected tracks” with their associated names.

Great idea but I just discovered you can’t use track presets on VST instrument tracks.


So the answer is “no”. I asked this some time ago (few months) since you can do this in reaper for instance (save a bunch of tracks as a track template, and since a VSTI is just a plugin on a track in Reaper…).

In Protools and Logic you seem top be able to import any data from any other project into a current project. So even no need for track presets…

So a feature like this is indeed souerly missing! Seeing how Cubase is organized I guess it would rather be a “rack preset”…

But upon re- reading the thread I see I am just repeating what others suggested already :slight_smile:


No, but you can use Instrument tracks to load VSTi presets onto a track. One of the main limitations is the lack of routing for multi-out VSTi. Also, it lets you save the name as requested in your previous post.

Part of the issue is that Instrument Tracks only support one output pair. Really to make it workable, this track type would need to support multiple outputs – then the problem would be solved!

EDIT: sorry I think I am saying the same thing as the last post :slight_smile:

lol, yeah and it is the point of the thread as well hehehehehe … glad you caught yourself :laughing: I’ve had a drink (it wouldn’t let me put kocktail with a c) or two and the urge to “flame on” is almost undeniable at this point. cheers :smiley:

It’s ok. You were just being redundant. hehe :slight_smile:
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