How do I load up separate playback templates for Violin I and Violin II?

Hi guys,

Since Dorico only recognizes the violin as a single instrument type (And not separated into violin I and violin II), the playback template will load the violin I samples for both of my violins. I’d like Dorico to load up the respective violin I and violin II samples automatically. Is this possible?


I confess I can’t remember the precise details here, but I think that if you have two violins assigned to different patches in your endpoint configuration when you save it, Dorico will assign those in turn when you apply your playback template to a new project.

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Of course this is possible. You can either set up a blank project with your preferred settings (and just load a version of that each time you want to use it), or create your own playback template to achieve this at will.

Clearly you are misunderstanding something about expression maps, VST routing and project templates. If you could upload a project that exhibits the problem you experience we will be able to help you more.

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Yes, you’re right, this is how BBCSO behaves. I should have remembered it.