How do I locate a stray file in my template?

At some point I saved my large template with a track that references a .wav file. This wave file has since been deleted so every time I open my template I get prompted to “Resolve Missing Files” and locate this file. I can close that dialog, but I’d like to get rid of the problem. I can’t find where this reference is in the template. Any ideas?

Why not simply Remove Missing Files


That option is greyed out for me.

So - I can get rid of the prompt by placing a wav file with the referenced filename in the expected folder, but how do I then locate that referenced file so that I can delete that file without causing the prompt in the future?

Nice workaround

I don’t really know enough about what you did, or what Cubase did, or what the OS (you didn’t say which) did to say much else. Normally this wouldn’t happen.

Troubleshooting questions should be
is the file visible in the pool?
Are any files in the pool at all in that template?
Did you try removing missing files from the Pool, and not just from the main menu?

Probably the wav filepath remained in the the cpr file,

Ah, it was there in the pool - that’s a feature I haven’t used. Interesting. That took care of it. Thanks so much, steve!