How do I made the audio track visible ?

One thing I wondering about is why you cant see the audio track under the midi track when you create a VST instrument track in Cubase 6 and do a record ? Is it just when you choose to freeze the track Cubase creates a physical audio file ?

I mean, the mixer creates a audio chanel slot behind the midi slot to the output from the VST instrument and shouldent that also be visible as a waveform in the sequenser view eaven if you dont had freezed it ?

I had checked all the properties in Cubase 6 without how to know how.

That’s because instrument tracks are ‘instrument tracks’ as opposed to a midi track plus an audio output for your vsti if you follow?
Personally i still don’t use instrument tracks as for the majority of vstis that i use i require multiple outputs which you STILL cannot do with instrument tracks… hence i avoid them!
Using the vsti rack offers much more functionality… hit F11 if you’ve not used it before.
Yes cubase creates a temporary audio file when you freeze a track as you assumed correctly… hope that clarifies it for you.

That’s correct. You’ll only get a physically audio file if you freeze or via “export the selected track”. There’s usually no need for a physical audio file for VSTi’s as their output can be routed the same as an audio track. Like Matjones I too don’t use instrument tracks. I simply open a VSTi in the VST Rack and use a midi track that I route to the VSTi. In my mixer I have all the midi tracks hidden since I only use the actual VSTi mixer channels, and I too use a number of multi-out VSTi’s. Never personally had a need for two separate channels (midi and VSTi channel) in the mixer.


+1. the duplicated MIDI tracks make no sense to me, and take up too much space. I just hide them.
I use the rack exclusively.

Speaking of the rack, I find it annoying that I have to activate channels one by one. a simple dialogue box that asked you how many outputs you want, you type the number in-that would be very welcome.