How do I make a crescendo work on tied notes?

Hello all,
I have been trying to get the crescendos in Dorico 4 Elements to work on a long note that is tied but the same volume is apparent from beginning to end of the crescendo. Is there a way to increase the volume while the note it is being held out by a tie?

I am working with noteperformer on all instruments except percussion to which I am using sonic because the drum roll is better in that.

Thank you in advance,


Crescendo on a long note (the tie is irrelevant) will generally work for all sustaining instruments, but not for (eg) pianos, harps, pizzicato strings, percussion. Also it might not work if the long note is marked staccato (I’ve not checked).

Hi Janus, i’m trying to get it to work on trumpet and some other brass instruments such as French horns trombones etc. they will not play a crescendo when I have a half note in one measure tied to an 8th note in the next measure. I don’t know why I cannot get it to play a crescendo since it is not one of the instruments that you mentioned?

Sorry. It works here without problem on both NP and HSSE.

I reentered the notes and it worked. Apparently because I got the score from someone else something happened in the transfer to me. Thank you so much for your input!