How do I make Cubase 5 find my VSTs?

Dear Anyone.

Brand new to Cubase, got given a portable version of Cubase 5. Finally got sound coming out of it (YAAAAYYY!!) so now I have to make it find my VSTs so I can write something.

When I GOOGLED how to do it, it said ‘Go to Studio menu…’ Um - there is no Studio menu! I’ve got Project, Audio, Midi, Scores, Media, Transport, Devices, Window(1) and Help, which is no help in this case!

All my VSTs are in the folder with my old DAW, Quick Score Elite Level 2. I’m a bit lary about moving them to the Cubase folder because I’m pretty sure some of them won’t like being moved - they’re Maizesoft VSTs and in my experience those lose their presets if you move them. Is there a way of making Cubase 5 do a full drive scan for VSTs and remembering where they are?

Yours puzzledly,

Chris, total Cubase NOOB, go gentle with me!

Cubase 5 Portable version = cracked software. Not a very good idea to come to the manufacturerˋs forum with that and ask for help.

Dear Svennilenni.

Whoa - granted I’m not an expert on software, why would something be cracked because it’s portable? Don’t follow your logic. Got given it in good faith by someone who’s using it themselves to write music on, it’s just I don’t see them at all often and they’re far more knowledgeable than am I (Which isn’t hard!)

Why do you think it’s cracked because it’s portable?

Yours puzzledly


I don ´t know, why „something“ would be cracked because it is portable. But Cubase 5 portable is a crack. That´s not what I think - it is a fact.

Oh. I’m sorry, I didn’t know that. He’s been using it for ages, I said I liked writing music so he gave me a copy, that’s all I know. Then he moved out of my area and I’ve been trying to get the hang of using it ever since.

Can you tell me how to make it find my VSTs? Y’see, I’ve got them all in the folder my old music software’s been using. I don’t want to move them out of that folder unless I have to because that means having TWO copies of everything, one where the old music software can find it and one where Cubase can find it. And I don’t see how to point Cubase to a different VST folder, that’s all I was asking.

If you don’t know how to either, that’s fair enough, no worries. Do you know anyone who does know how to do that?

Yours puzzledly