How Do I Make Fader Static?

I saw on a YouTube tutorial where you can make, for example, the stereo out fader static (not move) when using the scroll
bar. In other words I want to always see the stereo fader no matter which part of the mixer I scroll to. In the tutorial, while in the “zone” tab on the left side of mixer, there was 2 rows of selectable tracks/faders…when “ticking” the right circle, that particular fader would remain fixed.

When I go to that section in Cubase 9.5, I only have 1 row of selectable circles? What gives? Is this normal, … is there any other way to achive this?


Click to the left or right of that circle, works like before just looks a little different now

Got it. Thanks! Now could you please tell me how to access the Audio Hardware setup/headphones? It used to be under “Devices”, which is now “studio”,… yet I can’t find it. This is where you can select the headphones configurations.