how do I make midi file levels the same

Hi All,
As the subject line states, I would like to make all the midi files I download and edit the same level, as some are loud and some are not ,depending on how old they are ,is there a simple way of doing this :question:
Thanks in advance

Depending on which version of Cubase you have, you may be able to do it with the Logical Editor. If your version has it, it can perform functions such as changing all MIDI note velocities to a fixed value, etc.

Thanks Janslan…I have cubaseA17

Not sure but AI may not have it. I recommend checking your manual.

Last question…sometimes when I download midi files…I don’t like the bass sound …guitar sound etc…is it possible to change these sounds using vst instruments…if so…how do I save them? I have cubaseA17 …thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Yes. Just open the instrument and change the program assigned for that MIDI track or Channel.

Hi Jaslan…I have changed the instrument in the panel as you suggested but still won’t save and this is my problem…how do you save the instrument. …because when I change it …once I go to save as midi file it goes back to the previous instrument sound…and this also happens when changing to mp3…so how do I save so it won’t revert back to the original instrument sound ?

Anyone ?

There must be a program change MIDI command at the beginning of the MIDI track.
Unfortunately, I can’t remember how to delete them right now. Someone will jump in here and help, I am sure :smiley:

Thanks Jaslan. …I hope so…its driving me nuts lol

Cmon someone must know lol

Open the MIDI editor. The lane at the bottom, probably defaulted to Velocity, see if you can select Program Change.

Awesome. …thanks Jaslan :slight_smile:

Hi Jaslan…I eventually got the way to change the instrument sound changed…devices…vst instruments. .click on it then click on an empty part in the pop up then choose the instrument. .It’ll then ask if you want to keep the instrument to the midi channel wanting to be changed and done orrrrrr go to devices …choose vst instruments…click on the window that comes up then choose instrument…highlight the channel to be changed then press record and yaaaaaaaaay :slight_smile:…thanks for your help Jaslan…for those of you that are new …full instructions are in the manual…I have learned my lesson…read manual first !!! However if I don’t understand something I’ll still post…only I’ll start with "I’ve read the manual but don’t understand " lol cheers :slight_smile: