How do I make my music play back in perfect time after playing straight into dorico?

Had found the answer somewhere but can’t remember where.

When I record something into dorico with my midi keyboard it plays it back with all the timing inconsistencies (slight rushing and dragging) aka exactly the way that I played it into the program. I’d like it to just play all the notes back with perfect evenness.


I think what you’re looking for is reset playback overrides, which will revert the notes to their notated timing, rather than your played timings from MIDI recording.

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Thanks. How can I do this on dorico for iPad though?

And quick follow-up: Can we please make this a setting that can be enabled, so Dorico will never use the wiggly-wobbly data I put it in real time, but instead always defaults back to the note values as written?
My piano skills are not those of a professional stage pianist, and I always have to reset those override after every take.

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Can’t read that language