How do I make sure iconica is loading? No pizz

I rarely use Dorico for iPad, but I’m giving it a shot. Trying to switch from arco to pizz but it just keeps playing arco. As far as I can tell, I own the lifetime access which comes with iconica. How do I get the articulations to work?

One thing I see right away when I load a string quartet template, it’s loading GM strings. That doesn’t seem right.

I think the string quartet uses single players. And iconica sketch only has sections. Also, when your iPad has no M processor, you have to change that. Unfortunately i don’t have my iPad here. But you find it somewhere in the drop down menu in the upper right corner

I’m not sure what that means-You have to change what? Change the player from the GM manually? If so, I did select violin I in The drop down, but it still doesn’t give me pizz. And I have no idea if the violin I selected is iconica or not anyway.

What you did doesn’t seem to change the player from solo to section. You have to do that in setup mode.

When you iPad is older/weaker then m1, go there

Then the correct ex. Map should be used

Thank you. I had to follow that second step and “reset sound” and then I could select iconica and then the expression map came up. It’s working now. Much appreciated!

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