How do I mark sever(all) clips on right side of my cursor to move them about?

See I have like 10-20 channels, and when I want to move a lot of stuff about then I have to zoom out to see ALL of my clips, then mark every clip (that I want to move), which is a hassle, and then I have to zoom in again on the spot where I want to move stuff around. How can I make it easier, to just be able to put my cursor on say 5:34 in the clip and just make it so that all the clips to the right of that spot are marked in one fell swoop?

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Edit > Select > From Cursor to End.

Wow, thanks man! Is there away of mapping actions such as these to some kind of shorthand, like ctrl+q, for example?


I wouldn’t use Ctrl+Q, which is system Quit command… But you can assign any Key Command in the Key Commands window.

Dude, Oh, Em, Gee. Also found the internet manual help thing so will check for stuff there as well, but might come back here at some point if I want to expand my skillset, but I’m set now for just simple stuff I feel like (Fountainhouse radio stuff in Sweden). So thanks.

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