How do I move note to bottom of grand stave (option+M) doesn't work right

See pic:

Importing this MusicXML gives me this result with the harp. If I drop the notes with the long stems down to the bottom grand stave, it keeps them in the upper voice with the stem going up. How do I fix this to make the bottom notes just act normally like they are their own voice?

Not sure about Mac keys, but on Windows Alt-M moves to the lower stave, whereas M on it own creates a cross stave note (as you have here).

Yes, that’s the same on Mac (although Alt is often called the Option key).

Right, but what I’m saying is doing alt+m keeps the note in the same voice as the top and creates rests on the bottom and puts the stem in the wrong direction (see the first F note in the bass clef in the pic-created by doing Alt-m)

If you have to, you can always change the voice the notes are in with the context menu provided by clicking on the note (selection).

(Actually, when I select the bottom notes of the top staff and use ALT+M, they become bottom staff notes and even join the existing notes on the same stem if the rhythms are identical.)

Yeah, it’s kind of weird. I actually command+z a whole bunch of steps back to the beginning and now when I try the behavior is how I’d expect. Maybe it had something to do with showing the pedal. In any case, it seems to be working correctly now…

One command which I have found useful in similar situations is Edit > Notations > Cross Staff > Reset to Original Staff. Invoked after selecting the notes, of course.