How do I move sections of a song?

I’m quite sure this has been addressed elsewhere but I couldn’t find it so I’m asking here.

I have a song that I’m writing and I would like to move several parts all at the same time over by one bar. Essentially I want to create a 1 bar rest so that I can record a “fill” into it. I know I can move each individual part over but this is tedious and I just know I’m going to make a mess of it. I know this because I already tried!

I think I should just be able, by using my mouse, grab all of the parts and move them.

Is this possible? And if so. how exactly do I do this?

All help will as always be greatly Appreciated!

Thanks in advance once again!

Jeremykeys the eternally lost!

Ah ha! I figured it out! I use the “Range” control. With that I can grab whole sections of songs and move them.

Awesome this Cubase is!

That or get used to using the arranger track. Very good way to move sections around.