How do I move to the next MIDI event block whilst in the Key Editor?

So I have these midi event blocks in the project that I don’t want to bounce into one at the moment: -


In the key editor on one of these event blocks, how do I move onto the next event block without having the leave the key editor? I need to work full screen with the key editor and I’d like to be able to set a key command to do this.

(b and n don’t do it)


I can’t remember the command offhand and not at my PC but I think you have to have all the parts selected beforehand, then you can use a command to move back and forwards.

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I’ve not been able to find the key commnd. b & n don’t work, as with even with all selected, they just move to the next individual midi note event, which isn’t what I’m looking for. :- :exploding_head:

I’d be interested also as I cut up drum parts and have the same problem. I’ve just never bothered to look for a solution.

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In Cubase jargon those “blocks” are called MIDI Parts. You can open multiple MIDI Parts in the Key Editor at the same time. Then you can jump between Parts by clicking on a Note in a different Part. I’m not at Cubase now, so unable to post useful pics. You can set the Key Editor to allow editing Events in multiple Parts at the same time or restrict your edits to only the currently selected Part (even though multiple Parts are open in the editor - this is mostly useful if you are editing multiple Parts at the same place on the Timeline). It’s worth reading the Manual section on this to understand the various options.

Basically in the Project Window Select all the Parts you intend to edit and double+click on one. This will open them all in the Editor. One tip when doing this - by default Cubase colors the Notes in the Editor based on Velocity. But there is a drop-down that lets you change this, and if you set it to color the Notes based on Track Colors that makes it easier to tell which Note is in which Part.

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The command to jump to the beginning of the next Part is “Activate Next Part” but as I said before you do need to have selected all of the parts before. It does not have a Keystroke assigned by default but you can define one.
As @raino says above if you have selected all of the parts you can move to the next by selecting one of its notes or just scroll across.

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On a similar query, when selecting multiple parts, is there any way to adjust velocity of all the parts, not just first selected?

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Got it, thanks. Applied a key command to next/prev, works great. Thanks.

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