How do I mute a track that has mute automation?

So I have a track that has mute automation but I’d like to mute it while I check something. But it keeps unmuting as the automation channel is unmute. I can try to uncheck Read but then I forget that the track was automated and don’t check the Read again, as I usually have so many tracks.

Is there a global mute function? That works regardless of automation, even even I mute the group the track is in it will still prioritize the automation mute.


Use the the x tool and click on the part to mute. Or send to a group Channel and then mute that

Group channel muting doesn’t work :confused:

LoopMash FX has a mute button. You can add that as an insert at the end of your chain and automate that button. Better to leave the mixer parameters without automation for the exact reason you’ve mentioned.

Just turn off automation read and then mute. When you’re done turn auto read back on again… no need to complicate things…


You can temporarily suspend Automation Read & Write with this button.


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For all tracks though, right? Just turn it off on the one track you don’t want automation to read mute status.

The OP says that’s what they are doing now but they often forget to reenable it.

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Ah I missed that for some reason…

I’m generally against automating mute since it’s not visible (as opposed to just muting events) and to me it seems the easiest way is to just deselect read… but ok…

I never use the Automated Mute function anymore. Interferes too much when I’m working.
If I’m temporarily Muting the whole track, then I use the ‘M’ on the Channel/ Track head.
If I want to Mute the FX channels, I pull down the FX channel faders, instead.
If I want a part in the track to be muted, I split it on each end, then hit ALT-M to mute it. I can then return to it if I decide to visit it again, but I’ll never have to worry about it unknowingly appearing in the mix.
BTW, I use the bypass method that [diegoalejo15] shows, for SOME tasks, but because I do, I routinely ‘Show all Automation’ and run down the tracks looking for that yellow bypass symbol.
Hope this helps…

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