How do I obtain the BPM info for a song as it was *originally* recorded?

I’ve looked at and experimented with the Time Stretching dialog, and am able to change the BPM, but I don’t see anywhere where the BPM for a song, as originally recorded, is simply reported.

WaveLab does not calculate BPM.

Thank you, but then I’m wondering how it is that the Time Stretching feature uses BPM as the metric for the Target Tempo function? If WaveLab does not calculate BPM, how is it that it can accurately change the tempo according to a BPM number chosen by the user?

The user meant to know the BPM.

Thank you for your reply, but why would the user be expected to know the BPM number of the original recording?

Given that WaveLab has the ability to to change the BPM of a song and show the changed BPM figure, it seems illogical to me that it would not simply report the BPM for the song as originally recorded.

Well, WaveLab is not an application to make music. If you need BPM changes, that implies that you are already using an application to make music, and this one should be able to inform you about BPMs.
Some musical applications don’t provide the time stretch quality of WaveLab or some batch processing features. Hence WaveLab is valid for this but then also needs to be able to accept a BPM input.

Thank you, I understand the reasoning now. :+1: