How do I open a .bak file??

Ok so I found the auto-save .bak file that I’d like to try out but I can’t open it? Windows doesn’t recognize the file type.

Normally I know how to deal with/control auto-save very well. I’ve never tried to open any other auto-save point besides the most recent though, not an auto-save point from between two saved versions from the night before.

Any help?

THANKS!! :smiley:


So if i want to open a *.bak file i start cubase, via open I ust go to the folder choose *.bak (as datatype) and cubase list all bakupfiles then i choose one and cubase opens it.

Hope this helps or did i get you wrong?

Greetz Bassbase

Yeah I edited my first post I dont know where the edit went though.

Yes just go into Cubase and select “Open…” and go to your project folder where u’re .cprs are saved. By default, its only looking at and seeing “.cpr” files but if you select “Open a different file type” at the bottom you will see the .bak option. Select that, and then u will see all of your .baks in your project folder.

Super easy! :smiley: