How do I open Cubase 6 projects in Cubase Essentials 5

Searched for an answer and found nothing. I have been trying out the trial version of Cubase 6 and the projects I have created with it will not open in Essential 5. Assuming my money tree continues to be barren of fruit, when I am faced with only having Cubase Essentials 5 will these new projects created in 6 be lost?

Nothing is ever lost with Steinberg, you need only re-create the projects, ie by preset saving and importing of data.

hi artisan

Sounds tedious and I am thinking the chan presets get saved where? in 6, and when 6 is gone so will the presets.
Also, I just discovered that 6 will not open any of my previous Essentials projects.

Me worrying big time.

Saving presets and importing data needs some explaining, please.


there is no backward compatibility. See this Project Compatibility sheet. And there is no OMF import in the Cubase Essential 5. So, you have to export audio track by track, and MIDI file (if there are MIDI tracks too).

MediaBay in v5 and onwards will share track presets so simply refresh and re-instance as necessary after import of data.

Immensely tedious.
There must be a better way. I have over 100 projects created with Cubase Essential 5 and if I upgrade to 6 then none of these projects will open in 6?


V5 projects will all open in V6 (any higher version) but are not necessarily backwards compatible.

It only works 1 way. New Cubase can open old files, not the other way around.

Right clicking on a 5 cpr and selecting open with 6 brings up a prompt after 6 starts that it can not open the file. Clicking directly on the cpr produces the same result. However, opening a 5cpr from the file menu in 6 indeed will open the file. Odd, yet to be expected with computers and windows and operating systems and software. I should have known. In the old tape days if it didn’t work it was probably not turned on or unplugged.