How do I open or import a 5.1 file?

This should be very simple, but I’ve not been able to either open or import a 5.1 file in an audio montage. Configured the montage as Multichannel (DVD-Audio Compatible) mode, 6 channels. No success at all. Have not done this before. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for any advice.

In the montage, right-click, “insert surround audio file”.

Or, it’s on the Insert tab too.

Thank you very much for the quick answer!

Another question: The montage window displays the four tracks stacked, but I’m getting an error message about playback not being able to start successfully, with three possible causes listed, as shown in the screenshot below.
The first cause is not relevant to my sound card, which does support the sample rate and number of channels. I don’t know how to determine if the second possible cause is relevant. As for the third possible cause, I’m not aware of any other application using the sound card.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Just a question, what are you clocking off? Internal or word clock. More info on your setup would certainly help like the name and model number of your soundcard. FWIW

But have you set up the mapping of all the channels in WaveLab?

Sorry, I don’t know. I’m familiar with clock signals and synchronization in the context of PCs, but am not familiar with clocking in the context of WaveLab.

Sound Blaster Z, model SB1500.

Sorry, no. I wasn’t aware that that was necessary.

I’ll mention that if I render the file, the resulting tracks will play, but each of them is on a separate tab, not stacked the way I want them.

I should say that although I’ve long been familiar with basic audio tech and concepts, I am an amateur and am new to WaveLab. Also, I’ve briefly tried to research this problem in the W/L online help, but was not successful. Apologies to all for my overlooking any basic or obvious steps.

Oops. I double checked Audio Connections and discovered that the wrong audio device was selected. Selected the correct audio device, and now I’m no longer getting the error message, and the stacked tracks will play. Of course, it would’ve been nice if the W/L error message had pointed me in the direction of the actual problem, but I know better than to expect that from error messages.

Thanks to all here for the assistance.

Sorry, I misunderstood your question at first. Yes, I had done that.