How do I open SX3 songs in Cubase 5?

I’m running SX3 /win xp on one comp and Cubase 5/ win xp on another. Now I would like to be able to import SX 3 versions of a song on the Cub 5 computer, to reuse old takes on a new version of a song. Can I just open them or is there a trick to this? I’ve read something about some kind of ISO released by steinberg. Do i need this and how to get it?

Thanx in advance

I need to do something similar, I want ot bring Cubase SE .cpr files into Cubase 4.
Cubase 4 keeps crashing with this operation.
I see that gives a solution - did you find an alternative way of solving your problem?

Huh? Don’t they BOTH use .cpr files? I would have thought that all it takes is to just open an SX3 song in Cubase 5, and ‘save as’ …that is ‘save as’ if you still want to be able to open that song in SX3.

It’s true - they do use cpr format, but you can never be to sure about unconvetional procedures like this, between software versions and computers. I’ve read loads of threads related to this and it seems like, some have problems with audiofiles halfway or fully replaced with others. I just want to make very sure that I don’t f… up my Cubase 5 DAW.

So I tried to import old cpr files into Cubase 4. “All” that happened was that Cubase 4 crashed, but I was able to record new files after this. I now run two copies of Cubase so I can keep my legacy songs