How do I open the Fade Dialog?!

Hi there!

I seem to get stuck after every step in the process of learning Nuendo and the manual doesn’t bring any clarity :laughing:
How do I bring up the fade (edit) dialogue for a clip/event?
I managed to do it by going to Audio>Process>Fade Out (like the manual says) but there has to be a quicker way right?

Thanks in advance!

Cubase here but that should be applicable in Nuendo as well: there’s a key command assignable or you just doubleclick the fade area in the event.

Ah… When I double click the fade, sometimes it brings up the sample editor, sometimes the fade editor…
I can’t find any logic behind what dialog opens when I double click it.

It needs to be in the area of the fade, not just the event. So if you have a fade in it will be in the upper left corner and down/right following that fade-line. If it’s a fade out it’ll be upper right corner and down/left following the fade line. If the fade is short it’s hard to get it right, but if it’s a bit longer it’s easier (or if you’re zoomed out/in).