How do I...? (Pauses in additive measure)

As you’ll see below, I have this measure in 2/4+1/8. There’s a general pause, then a solo pickup.

What I’d like is for the flute and bassoon parts to duplicate the oboe so that the minim rest has the pause over it and the remaining quaver rest does not. I can’t figure out how to do that.

Have you tried inputting explicit rests ? It should prevent Dorico from using bar rests.

I thought I did, Marc, and having just tried your suggestion I’m getting the same result as shown. I tried engaging the fermata immediately after shift+N, but that made no difference either.

It might be something that the force duration function can be used for – it’s a feature that I haven’t needed to learn how to use hitherto.

You use force duration to create explicit rests, yes. Select the first bar rest, press o and 7 (for half pause). It should create a crotchet rest after it.

Select the rest before the oboe note. Press o to force duration. Duplicate to staff above (Paste Special>Duplicate…) and below…
(I don’t think you can force duration on an implicit whole bar rest…?)

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What I actually did was (after shift+N) mouse-clicked the G-clamp for force duration, clicked rest-entry and minim, and then A from the keyboard. End result: success!

Thanks guys.

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