How do I play a sample faster..?


I just want to play a sample (event?) faster (and thus, ‘higher’ in pitch)
I’ve been reading through almost 50 pages of the manual but almost all pitch/timewarp corrections are based on a pitch analysis of somebody singing or playing a tonal instrument… I just want to speed up a sample for some sound design work, is there a way?

Thanks in advance.

Using the “resample” offline process would be a good first try.


What you can also do is:

  1. Open the Pool window.
  2. Find the sample you want to stretch
  3. In the Algorithm column, right click and select “élastique Pro - Tape”
  4. Close the pool window
  5. From your Nuendo tools in the toolbar, click on the arrow (Object Selection). This reveals more tools. Select “Sizing Applies Time Stretch”. Alternatively you can cycle through these tools by pressing the number “1” on your keyboard repeatedly until the tool is selected.
  6. Now when you resize a clip, it stretches the file as you want. Shorter and higher, or longer and lower.

You can make the “élastique Pro - Tape” the default algorithm in the settings. Open Preferences, go to Editing > Audio and there at the bottom you see “Default Warping Algorith”.

Once you have done this it is incredibly fast and easy to just stretch samples. You just hit 1 to get the stretch tool, then stretch the sample you want to the length and pitch you want, and hit 1 to get back to the selection tool. It’s easy and quick.

Hope this helps.

Thank you, very clear!

Another - faster - solution:
Arrange, Infoline, Algorithm column (select Tape Algo) :wink:
then Timestretch Tool.


Hehe. Thanks :slight_smile: Although it might be that this is not in the info bar by default. You have to enable it to see the algorithm in there, right?

And you can adjust the pitch right there in the info line as well. It’s very quick and pretty smart way to do this.
Or of course you can offline process it using the pitch processor.

but this has no effect on the timing.

@Chris: correct :wink:

Ah yes, that’s nice! Thank you! :mrgreen: