How do I play jazz

GA3 had a lot of cool jazz grooves. Are those gone? Are you planning to sell modules of sounds like EZdrummer. If so when will the jazz grooves be available? Can I drag other midi jazz loops in GA4? I’m disappointed if you’ve abandoned jazz altogether.

Dear Scojo,

At the moment we can not say when additional VST Sound Instrument Sets will be available for Groove Agent 4. Also I can not say what kind of content it will be.

But you can of course drag (midi) Jazz patterns into Groove Agent 4:
Just select the pattern page and drag your midi event from your project window or from the Mediabay onto an empty pad of your choice.
Afterwards you can edit the pattern via the pattern editor on the right hand side of the Groove Agent.

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Thanks for the quick response. When I tried that I didn’t have the nice features that change complexity, intensity, add fills, or endings. I could only make that feature work on your proprietary patterns. Did I overlook something?


I was wondering why there weren’t any jazz patterns as well. I had hoped that GA4 would have the same library when in fact its all new. I do hope they get around to adding some jazz patterns as they were quite useful.


Yes, I hope but if you notice the response from Jan Nedderman it looks like its not a priority. It seems like Steinberg likes techno and urban more than blues and jazz.

i wonder too if steinberg going to develop and add sound sets and midi libraries, as Addictive drums 2 ,ez drummer,BFD and those dedicated drum VSTI has. just heard some demos of addictive drum libraries , those jazz, brush jazz,funk and more add ons are great.
i think GA4 should be develop also for serious acoustic drums too.

I totally agree. Maybe not a huge a market, but they do advertise “All Styles Covered”

Hi all,

Thanks for your feedback! We are already planning the first expansion packs for Groove Agent. There will be new kits and also more styles with new groove patterns available in the future. And jazz is definitely on our list!

Thanks Mathias, Looking forward to them. Does it seem like I have GA4 installed properly. I get 243 programs and 50 multi-programs when I open all agents.

Good news about the expansions.
sorry if im little hard on you guys,but from the demos of the acoustic kits of GA4 they should sound more realistic in my opinion.
it sounds sometimes as “drum machines”(well it is, but you get my point) especially the cymbls and Hihat sounds cold and out of phase sometimes?! and very compressed !
but again maybe its only the demo(or me), dont have GA4 yet :exclamation:

“All Styles Covered” That’s a Joke. Steinberg need to take that slogan down! MISREPRESENTATION.

Agreed. I’ve been doing an A/B comparison with Superior Drummer and find that the kicks a little too compressed and flat … and the cymbals lacking finesse in GA4.

Hi James,

If you are talking about the Init presets of the acoustic kits there is no compression nor any kind of preprocessing on the samples.