How do I play one track and record it to another?

Can’t work this out, I am playing midi (Ruismaker noir) and I want to record it in audio on another track (I’m ‘playing’ the faders in the app). I disable record on Ruismaker, and enable record in a new audio track. Enable record in the transport, but it records nothing. Any help appreciate. Thank you.

Hi jameslondon74,

Please give these steps a try:

  • Please have Ruismaker Noir prepared (to play back a phrase, when Cubasis playback is started)
  • Tap the record button in Cubasis (to record the Ruismaker phrase to a MIDI event)
  • Tap track freeze button in the MIDI track (to create an audio file of the MIDI phrase)

In this context, please have a look at the “Unfreeze Deletes Audio Track” option, located under Setup/Arranger, which might come in handy, if you use track freeze more frequently.

Hope that helps!


Thanks but that is not going to help. The faders and expressive dials in Ruismaker do not get recorded by MIDI.
I think I could simply use Ruismaker as an AUDIO file and record that way?
But it does raise the question of how we play on one track and record on another. Is that not possible in Cubasis? (I know how to freeze, but that isn’t while playing).
I appreciate I may have made this way more complicated than it needs to be!

Hi jameslondon74,

Thank you for your message.

To record the output of a track to another track, it would be required to establish a “loopback recording setup” via a supported audio device.
Another option might be to create a dedicated Audiobus setup (unsure if it works, since I haven’t tested this).

Best wishes,