How do I prevent staff labels bunching up on each other?

New to this forum so if I’ve done anything wrong, let me know.
I’m having issues with a drum kit in grid mode where the labels try to get out of each other’s way and end up overlapping so much that you can’t read them. I’ve attached a screenshot. Does anyone know how to fix this? I need to have the gaps as small as they are to get the music onto two pages.
Thanks in advance for any help!

Welcome to the forum, Admiomn. Go to Engrave > Paragraph Styles, select the ‘Staff Labels (Percussion Grid)’ paragraph style and set the point size back to something close to its default value, which is 8pt.

Thanks, Daniel!
It looks like the issue lies somewhere else, though. I’ve noticed that even at very small point sizes (<2pt), some labels are not perfectly centered with regard to the staff lines. In the first staff, only “Floor Tom Low” is not centered, when I look at subsequent staves, though, “Floor Tom Low” is centered, but three other labels aren’t. It seems like the labels are trying to align themselves with the gaps instead of the lines. I’ve attached another picture to explain what I mean (labels are at 4pt): The blue ones are aligned correctly but the red ones aren’t. Any ideas about what could cause this?

No, I’m afraid not, but if you’d like to attach your project, or at least a very cut-down version of it, I’d be happy to take a closer look.

Sure! I’ve sent you a private message with the file.

Thanks for sending the project through. The issue is that when you’ve overridden the names of the instruments in the drum set via the Edit Names dialog, accessed via the Edit Percussion Kit dialog, you’ve added some carriage returns at the ends of some of the names. The long/full name for ‘Floor Tom Low’ has an unwanted extra carriage return at the end, and several of the short/abbreviated names have extra carriage returns. The best way to check is to select each instrument on the Grid page of Edit Percussion Kit in turn, click Edit Names, then click in the editor for the short/abbreviated name, and hit Backspace once. If the last letter of the name disappears, then you know there’s no extra carriage return in there. If nothing appears to happen when you hit Backspace, then you’ve just deleted the unwanted carriage return. It’s not ideal that you can’t see these carriage returns, so I apologise for the inconvenience caused by this. However, once you get rid of those extra line breaks, you’ll find everything works as you expect.

You might find that you want to loosen the grid spacing a bit, e.g. use 2 spaces between instruments rather than 1, in order to make it a bit easier to read, but of course that’s up to you!

Oh my god, you’re right. I would have never found it without you, thank you so much!
Yeah, I would like to have a bigger spacing but there’s no way of fitting the staves onto 2 pages with a gap of 2. I would have liked to go 1.5 but apparently only integers are valid. Maybe that would be an idea for a future update? Or is there a reason that the gaps are limited to integers?

Yes, there are good reasons why the gaps are limited to integers, and you shouldn’t expect that to change.