How do I properly transcribe my performance into a piano staff?

Hi, I am new to Dorico and see if I get along with the trial version, so I apologize if my issue is trivial.
I would like to play a piano piece, input the notes through a midi keyboard and get a fairly decent transcription.
At the moment, my performance got extremely quantized to quarter notes only. There is no proportion between rests and notes, or feel whatsoever, everything is flattened and my performance is unrecognizable. Coming from Logic X, I am not sure if Dorico is made for this.

Additionally, all the input notes got into the bass staff, as I was not able to set a split point.
Any advice? Thanks.

Welcome to the forum.
Go to preferences/play/quantization.
Do not engage the caret (as you would to enter notes) to record. Just select the measure.
Also see this thread about split points which I believe is still relevant for D5.

Also, if you are recording yourself playing, remember to create lots of empty space beforehand as Dorcio does not add extra bars to the end of your score whilst recording MIDI. (eg. Select any bar then use shift-B 100 to add 100 more of them)

Also, make sure to activate and familiarise yourself with Played Durations (circled in green below). This will allow you to edit your live performance (Played Durations - light blue below) and the written music (Written Durations - dark blue below) independently.

In my experience, playing complicated keyboard music live is doable in Dorico, but it’s a slow process to get it right. You should only go down this path if it’s important enough for you to have a live performance feel and nice sheet music.

Good luck, and let us know how you get on. :slight_smile:

Record into Cubase pro, use it’s Time Warp tool to adjust the beats for notation, export xml to Dorico, and you’ll be much happier :grinning:

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Thanks, that worked

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Thanks, I was definitely missing this function, it was off-putting.

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Good advice, done.