How do I put instruments created in rack to group track?

I’ve set up a remote template so that I can use my faders on my keyboard. To avoid having to redo the remote mapper every time I just created some blank midi channels and then then loaded instruments into the rack without creating tracks. I can then load whatever VST instrument I want into the rack with messing up my template and assign any midi track to the VST.
I now have 3 drum tracks that I would like to assign to a group track but the little “e” on the inspector isn’t on any of the drum tracks and in the mixer there isn’t an option to assign to a group track. Does my problem make sense to anyone and is there a solution? Thanks in advance!

You cannot route MIDI channels to a group track, you need to do that with the output channels of the instruments you have in the rack. Those are usually in the “VST instruments” folder at the bottom of the arrange window. They are also visible in the mix console, unless you disabled “instrument channels” in the “filter channel tapes”, and have the same name as the instrument in the rack.

Aha! That makes sense. Thank you fese.