How do I put reverb/effects on a Cubase midi track??

Help: Not seeing any way to put reverb/add effects of any kind onto my midi piano track. The midi tracks don’t access the Cubase effects. I can adjust some parameters of the piano or whatever " HalION ESONIC SE" sound I choose but: no way to add effects to a midi track??. I see no access to the “INSERTS” tab, where effects are located, as on audio tracks. Please advise! Do I have to convert the midi to an audio track? Many thanks. Steve

Audio FX can only be applied to audio tracks or channels. You need to use the VST instrument channel

No need to convert to audio - I’m guessing from what you say that the piano’s MIDI track outputs to Halion Sonic SE. You can add audio effects as inserts to VST instrument track that corresponds to that instance of HSSE, as well as send from the instrument track to a whole range of VST effects.

I’m trying to use the VST effects on my midi track, but not seeing them!! My Halion Sonic SE user interface is smaller than the one pictured in the owners manual! I don’t see the effects!!! I don’t see the full-size editor view! The manual says “Click the p button in the toolbar above the edit display to switch between the views” but I don’t see a “p” button! Please help. Thank you! Steve

So you’re wanting to use the internal FX within HSSE?