How do I put tracks in a group?

Hi there, back with another simple question that I can’t find an answer for in the manual.

I made a group channel for 5 tracks, how do I actually put the tracks in the group/how do I send them through the group?

The manual has 6 beautifull pages covered on group channel tracks that tell me what the solo button does with pictures and everything, but it forgets to mention it’s main purpose :laughing:

Several ways. You can create a group channel: Add track -> Add group channel track. And then you can send the audio of each of your tracks via the direct routing tab in the channel strip OR the routing area in the mixer, to this group track.

Or. Select all tracks you want to send to a new group track. Go to menu Edit > Macros > Selected Tracks to Group Channel. I can’t remember if this is there by default or I created it. But it’s very easy to do.

Or. Go into Key Commands, open the section “Mixer”, then give “Add Track to Selected: Group Channel” a key command. Select several tracks, hit the key you assigned, and Nuendo’ll make a new group track and send all selected tracks to this new group track. Voilà.

in your mix console, you have something called routing under each channel. press the empty space and select the group channel.

From the project window:
Select tracks - click track name at Inspector to show routing - shift+click output routing and choose a group.