How do I quickly MIDI CC info across several instrument tracks

Hello I’m new here.
I have been composing on another DAW for years and years. I just made the switch to Cubase 10 and I am extremely frustrated. I cant seem to perform the simplest tasks. I’m sure in the long run I will happy I made the switch. Anyways…

Lets say I have drawn in some Mod wheel movements on one instrument… Is there away to copy it and quickly assign it across several instrument tracks?

I am trying to avoid having to open key editor and paste the CC info then close the key editor, click the next event and repeat.

My Strings are broken into divisi sections, so , I have to do this over and over. It really sucks.

Any suggestions are welcome, Thank you


You don’t have to close the Key Editor, you can just select next MIDI part and paste.

I haven’t tried, but you could try to open the In Place Editor for all MIDI take where you want to paste, seller all of them at once in the Project Window and Paste.

I see your use case and I see mine advices as workarounds. Unfortunately you can’t paste the data to the multiple MIDI parts at once.

Thank you for your help