How do I reactivate Cubase elements?

I have a upgrade of cubase elements 11 (ai le i think) up graded from 10.5. I received the code in Jan this year and needed to do a fresh install because of win 10 update problems. I used the activation code but it will not activate. I downloaded elements 11 thinking it would accept this. Do I i now have to go back to version 10 or 10.5, if so i don’t get it when im using 11. Any info on this much appreciated

Assuming you activate Cubase to a soft eLicenser (activated your computer, not a USB dongle), you need to log in to My Steinberg. Choose “Show eLicenser-based products”, then press the “Reactivate” button at the top of the listing.

If you cannot reactivate via that method, you need to open a support request using My Steinberg.


Go thru the Reactivation process, please.

Thank you. All sorted now. Forgotten because its been a while and couldn’t remember the process. Best way to load all Halion and other stuff?

Sorted now thankyou