How do I read old .ALL files?

I have found a ton of old files on my husband’s hard drive and they all end in .ALL which I think was last used by Cubase 4. Each file doesn’t seem very big, some are 500 kb. I hope that’s not a bad sign and it just means they’re in some compacted format. Is it possible to convert these? Would I have to try and find Cubase 4 to read them? What would the procedure be, to convert them to a format that’s accessible through Cubase 7.5?

I have some vague recall of him doing this before but he remembers even less. Sorry if this has been brought up before - my searches yielded nothing because of the general terms I was using :slight_smile:

Ok I just managed to download Cubase SX3 successfully. When I ask it to open one of these .ALL or .ARR files i just get the message “invalid project file!” Is there a special way to open it?

Solved… I tried to import the .arr file and it worked flawlessly.

Nice to see you actually figured it out by yourself, in less than 2 hrs even ! :sunglasses:

LOL yes, Paul, it’s quite a nice surprise when things work!