How do I Record a click track to an audio track in Cubase LE 12?

I want to record my guitar practice sessions which consist of a series of short exercises at various tempos. I want to record the click track at the same time so I can see how well I was able to keep time (or not). I checked out a YouTube video about this which referenced going to Project/Signature Track. This command does not exist in my version of Cubase and the other comments I came across in the forum are just as unhelpful. I am running Ventura on my MacBook. This seems like a pretty rudimentary thing to do but I can find nothing that would make it easy, let alone comprehensible to a newbie like me.

You’re running the almost free most basic product available, so one might expect certain features to be missing that are in the more expensive products.

I would use a midi drum instrument to create a click track, like quarter notes and use groove agent LE to provide the drum sound.