How do I record a webcast tonight using my UR28M (Windows i5

Thanks for any timely suggestions!

Well, the webcast has come and gone, but thankfully it will remain available on line.

But, it did get me thinking, if I wanted to record audio and video (I have Cubase 7.5.20) from something on the web, what is a good way to do that? I’ve never recorded anything except what I have generated!

Thanks -

If you want to capture it purely digitally it really depends more on the capabilities of your soundcard, but I’m not that familiar with the UR28M. With RME cards there’s a free utility (Digicheck) which has a function called Global Record that can simply record selected channels straight to a file. Worst-case scenario you just play back through the outputs and connect them to the inputs and record – there is some loss but not much if you watch your levels. You could also try to get something like Voxengo’s free Recorder VST, but it’s 32-bit only.

Thanks for your reply, Mr. Soundman!

Mea culpa, I should have mentioned the webcast was with audio AND video. The audio I think I’m ok with, but I have zero experience with video. I guess, come to think of it, this might be more of a post for the Cubase 7 forum … mods, if you agree, plz move - thanks!

First thing, the producers might not want it to be recorded! After that, it depends on the specific type of streaming employed … but here’s not the place for such discussions.