How do I record and playback synchronously?

Dear all,

I have the following problem with WaveLab 8.0.4 (and 8.0.0):
In an audio montage, I want to record a track while listening to the existing mix. With my current setup, the recorded clip always appears at the cursor position, independent of the playback position during the recording. Thus, the recorded audio almost always appears at the wrong position, and I have to manually place it. Is this desired behavior, or where am I going wrong?


Not quite sure what you mean. Are you using “record at cursor”? Maybe you could take a screenshot?

I tried two ways of recording - using “record at cursor” from the track menu, and bringing up the record dialog from the playback controls. With both, I recorded while playback was running. Neither of them puts the recorded audio at the spot that I was hearing at the time of recording as I would expect, but starting at the cursor. Since there is no way (that I’m aware of) to start playback and recording at the same time, there is always a misalignment.

Thank you for looking into this!

Synchronized recording? Playing back existing clip on Track 1 while recording new track on Track 2 in sync? I used to be able to do this in my previous mastering program by starting playback of the first track and then hitting the “/” key on the fly, which put track 2 into record without stopping playback. But I haven’t tried and don’t know of a good way to do this in Wavelab. Maybe someone else knows.

Yes, it certainly seems like a very basic functionality, but it has eluded me in WaveLab so far. Has anybody here managed to do this, or is this a functionality limited to “proper” multitrack software, like Cubase?

Thanks again!

WaveLab is not conceived as a multitrack recorder, such as Cubase.

For an audio editor as WL, this is not so basic, like 1+1 is very hard for MS Word and simple for MS Excel. I have never recorded in the montage, but I do agree that if the functionality exists, it should be functional. Could the offset in time be related to your latency and buffer settings in WL? Or for that matter, plugins used on other tracks or in the master section?