How do I record external sequencer audio only?

I have my EMU Command Station setup as an external instrument. When I load it, I would like to just record the audio - the sequencer doesn’t transmit midi so there is nothing to render. How do I record the audio without midi?


Just add an Audio track, make sure EMU is connected via audio cables to your Audio Device and Record.

I understand that part, but how do I select the input ports for the EMU. All it shows is stereo in. As I said I already have the EMU setup as an external instrument in VST Connections. If I set up audio inputs, then I loose the External Instrument inputs for the EMU. So is it one or the other?

thanks for helping me understand this…

Can you add a new bus in the VST Connections > Inputs, where the Audio Port (where is the EMU connected) will be selected?

With the Instrument track, you can also use Render in Place (even with External HW Device) to get the audio.

I have the EMU setup in External Instruments not Inputs, so I can’t add the same inputs twice. Render in place does not work for external audio based upon my experience, BUT I can use Export-Mix Down to render the EMU to an audio track. At least that works