How do I record guitar in Cubase 6 AI?

Hi there.

Sorry if this thread is in the wrong part of the forums. I’m really knew here, but I just need some help. So, just recently I bought Cubase 6 Ai. It came with a CL1 audio interface and a VST amp simulator. I was really happy to finally get buy it, but after I installed and registered it, I plugged in my guitars lead cable to the CL1 audio interface and the USB caple it came with into the CL1 audio interface. The USB light indicating it’s on didn’t light up.

That’s the problem I have now. Last night it did light up, so I opened Cubase 6 AI on my computer, but had no idea how to get it to play back my guitar playing. How do i get it to play back my guitar playing? Also, how do I open the amp simulator?

Ok, I’ve managed to turn it on. Now, how do I actually use Cubase 6 AI? As in, how do I get it to begin recording my guitar playing?

I know if you’ve never used stuff like this before it’s all very complicated and bewildering but…

Have you tried to read the getting started guide, it’s under help in the menu and gives a good idea on how to go about recording your guitar.